Art Classes

"The artist is not a different kind of person, but every person is a different kind of artist"
Eric Gill

Annika taught numerous painting workshops and lead Art students in drawing and painting with oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pencil, Mixed Media etc. for over 17 years
­In Annika's Art Studio we welcome children and adult students who want to improve their  artistic skills and enjoy creativity of Art.
Annika believes that Art can make an amazing therapeutic effect on one and her rich teaching experience proves it.
Annika has taught private and group art classes, along with painting techniques and  history of Art for years.
She has been fortunate enough to teach a wide range of ages and styles of Art in many settings - from private schools to community centers.  That’s when she started her own Art Studio.
Annika's Art classes will take you on a journey of creative discovery.

70% of my students started out as absolute beginners to painting with oils and watercolors – now their homes are filled with fabulous artwork!

I teach the basic fundamentals that every beginning artist needs but also allow their own creativity to take over.

In my Art Studio I offer a unique learning environment:

  • Original and unique system.
  • Individual program to coordinate each little artist to achieve his artistic goal.
  • Flexible hours, mostly in the weekends as well as during the week.
  • Wide program, small groups of 3-5 students.
  • Free use (in Studio) professional quality oils, acrylic, watercolor, Dutch and UK made watercolor pencils, dry brush, pastels and mixed media.
  • Focus on Academic program including classical pencil drawing and painting (human face, different animals, perspective fundamentals, still life, introduction to geometric shapes, light and shadow, objects texture, nature landscape (trees, flowers, sea view etc).
  • History of Art.
  • Truly amazing results!!!!
  • classes for adults are also available.




This Primary Course is designed for little artists to help their artistic fine motor skills through learning about Line, Shape an Color.            

Students will focus and learn different Art mediums includng Oil Pastel, Acrylic painting, Pencil crayon, watercolor and mixed media.

Students will learn drawing animals by unique system "building animals by geometrical shapes". They also will be encouraged to express their own creativity.

*Watercolor pad 300 gr is not included*

$ 20 per 1.5 hour lesson


This Junior Art Course is designed for students Grade 3 - 5. They will explore variety of mediums and styles; Prismacolor pencils, Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil Pastel etc.

Students will focus on being self expressive through showing their individual creativity and strengthening fine motor skills along the way. Students will be encouraged to use draw time to help self motivation and improvement of their drawing skills. Sketching and drawing, paintng and mixed media projects.

Studets will learn and master creating their own color palette by mixing and exploring colors and learn more about the color theory.                                   Introduction to the History of Fine Art.

*Watercolor pad 300 gr is not included*

$20 per 1.5 hour lesson


Junior Advanced Art Course is designed for studets grade 6 & up. Children will learn about artistic self expression through a realistic academical approach and experiments of Mixed Media Contemporary Style. Focus on using different art mediums & subject matter including Watercolor Painting, Prismacolor, Oil Pastel, Acrylic, Graphite pencils, Conte, etc. Sketching and drawing, painting and Mixed media projects. 

Students will lean fundamentals of classical academical European art and will be introduced to variety of old masters as well as contemporary artists.

Advance teaching of Fine Art history and emphasys on major movements such as Renaissance, Neo-Classicism, Impressionism, Cubism and Pop-Art.

They will also copy and show their own vision on famous art masterpieces.

*Watercolor pad 300 gr is not included*

$20 per 1.5 hour lesson


Advanced Art course designed to focus and learn to use advanced knowlege of principals of Design using Fine Detail, Color Theory & Composition.

Art mediums taught throughout the course are: Watercolor, Acrylics, Pen & Ink, Mixed Media, Prismacolor pencils, Conte, Charcoal sketching and drawing.

Students will also touch upon Figurative Illustration & Fashion Illustration, contemporary Urban sketching, human face, gipsyms drawing, still life and landscape projects.

This course is a great opportunity for students planning on creating a portfolio for school acceptance or personal artwork.

*Watercolor pad 300 gr is not included*

$20 per 1.5 hour lesson

PORTFOLIO PREP and private lessons.

Portfolio Prep is a class used for students going to College or University who would like to pursue a career in the Arts Field and need a requirement Portfolio for school admission. Portfolio Prep is also used by may high school students workingon an Art Project and need assistance and guidance.

Portfolio Prep course including free use of professional quality watercolor, oil pant, canvaces, acrylic, dry pastel, conte, prismacolor, etc.

$30 per 1.5 hour lesson.  private and adult lessons cost is $40 per 1.5 hour (all materials included)


 *Please inquire withing Annika's Art Studio for availability.

* Please, notice there can be following changes in programs and times.



By using oil, pastels, acrylic, mixed media, pencil crayons, charcoal, or any other one of wide choice of mediums, students learn to create amazing images!